Keyestudio KS0198

Keyestudio 4DOF Acrylic Toys Robot Mechanical Arm Claw Kit for Arduino DIY Robot


How to DIY a robotic arm to complete multiple movements? Cool.With this keyestudio robotic arm kit, you are able to DIY your own controllable mechanical arm using ARDUINO microcontroller. It uses REV4 and 2 JoyStick modules to control the angle degree of 4 servos.
When DIY this 4DOF robot arm kit, you could get everything needed for arm installation and debugging.

There are 3 controlling methods are as follows:
1) Controlling through Wired JoyStick (included in the kit);
2) Phone Bluetooth Controlling (note: HC-06 Bluetooth module Not Included, only provide the test code for Bluetooth and APP for Android phone);
3) Wireless PS2 JoyStick Control (PS2 JoyStick module Not Included, we only provide the test code.)
You are able to get all related information in the Arm kit.
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2.You can check out these features: Detailed installation instructions Detailed debugging methods, starting Arduino from entry. Three controlling methods: Wired JoyStick Control; Phone Bluetooth Control; Wireless PS2 JoyStick Control.

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